Student Testimonials

The summer research program is an amazing learning experience and opportunity to expose students to research in the veterinary field. My mentor did a great job with educating me and challenging my understanding of the topic. quote

A 2018 Lincoln Memorial University Participant

The program reaffirmed my interest in pursuing academia and research through my experiences with my mentor, as well as collaboration with other areas. quote

A 2018 Ohio State University Participant

  • Student Testimonials

    I was already extremely interested in veterinary research as a career path, so the symposium really reinforced my interests. Having such a wide variety of talks discussing different ways that veterinary medicine can be incorporated into research, both clinical and basic science, was very encouraging!

    A 2012 University of California – Davis participant

This summer helped confirm my intention to pursue graduate studies after my veterinary degree and solidified my enthusiasm for research. I would encourage all students to try a summer working in a research lab because they are guaranteed to learn from the experience. quote

A 2018 University of Saskatchewan Participant

The symposium was great! I had many opportunities to network with other students, learn from faculty and graduate students and get critiqued on my work this summer. The most significant benefit for me were the numerous networking opportunities.quote

A 2018 University of North Carolina Participant