Student Testimonials

My research experience this summer went beyond my preliminary expectations. I learned valuable life lessons, key research techniques/methods, as well as learning intellectual curiosity, the value of patience, and collaboration. quote

A 2012 Kansas State University participant

[This] is an invaluable program that offers veterinary students the opportunity to truly be engaged in research. quote

A 2012 University of Saskatchewan participant

  • Student Testimonials

    I was already extremely interested in veterinary research as a career path, so the symposium really reinforced my interests. Having such a wide variety of talks discussing different ways that veterinary medicine can be incorporated into research, both clinical and basic science, was very encouraging!

    A 2012 University of California – Davis participant

My mentors were awesome and they made the experience really worthwhile for me. quote

A 2012 Colorado State University participant

I didn't know how many companies and government entities hire veterinarians and how valuable we can be in scientific research. quote

A 2012 Texas A&M University participant